Hello! I'm Mark.

If you're hoping to find a contractor in Sonoma County, CA who is trustworthy, and pays attention to detail — that will work alongside you to make your plans come to life, then I am your guy. Excel Custom's  mission is to build relationships, provide a personal touch and beautify your home!

My story began back when my father, a plumber, would take my brothers and me to his job sites when we were young. The experience of being on a job site obviously stuck, as all of my brothers became plumbers — it, too, had an impact on me, however, when I was in 7th grade, I found woodworking, and that changed everything.


I was introduced to woodshop and quickly found my niche. Along with other hands-on classes such as drafting classes, it took me all the way through my senior year. I won awards at the county fair for design and craftsmanship on projects, and soon I began my career in the drafting field. It wasn't long, though, that I missed working with sawdust. I started in heavy construction in 1987, building freeway bridges, and large structures, etc.

After purchasing my first home, I began building my stock of tools to work on my own projects, soon finding myself being asked to build for others! In 2003 I became a General Contractor and the real journey began!

The key virtue I have come to adopt as part of my operations over the years is fostering a mutual trust between myself and my clients! I am building your project, but together we are building trust and community — together beautifying your home and building a relationship.

What happens when you hire                       ?


What's wrong with giving you a schedule and actually following it? I schedule my jobs so that you have a timeline, and can count on my   start and completion dates!  


As we start working together and teaming up to complete your project, open and frequent communication is key to building that trust I was talking about. That's why I am there on-site and will walk you through the entire process!


At Excel, we strive to offer the latest tech in products and programs to allow our projects to propel forward efficiently! Let me save you time, money and frustration by completing your project right — and meet industry standards — the first time!

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